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Support audio formats: MP3, AAC, ARM, M4A, and WAV. The choose file duration should not exceed 60 minutes.

Change your voice in a unique and fun way!

The "Sound Effect Change" function allows you to transform your voice with a variety of sound effects, including:

  • Robot: Turn your voice into a robotic mechanical sound.
  • Helium: Make your voice high-pitched like you're inhaling helium gas.
  • Alien: Change your voice to an eerie alien sound.
  • Echo: Add an echo effect to your voice.
  • Pitch Shift: Change the pitch of your voice up or down.
  • Distortion: Make your voice sound distorted and noisy.


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How to use:

  1. Record your voice or upload an audio file.
  2. Select the desired sound effect from the list.
  3. Click the "Play Sound" button play preview.
  4. Click the "Download" button save file.


  • Create funny videos: Add sound effects to your videos to make them more entertaining.
  • Edit podcasts: Make your podcast more interesting with unique sound effects.
  • Online chat: Add laughter to your online conversations with friends.
  • Learn foreign languages: Practice pronunciation with different sound effects.


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