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About Zip Manager

File to ZIP converter allows you to easily compress all your files into ZIP format. The application operates in the most flexible and simple way towards users and is especially easy to use and completely free.

Privacy User Data

Our application works completely offline, so we do not upload any files or documents when users use the software. We respect, and protect user privacy. We not to collect, upload, or give away any user information.

Free for use

The application compresses decompresses zip files completely free without log in, unlimited capacity, unlimited number of edits, unlimited any functions. The application can work offline without a network.

How to use Zip Manager?

  1. 1, Visit url https://vhdcombo.com/tools/zip-files-online, click Add files to chose files or directory.
  2. 2, You can Create directory, Import zip to your Zip Files.
  3. 3, Click Export zip , If you want to set a password for the zip file, otherwise you can leave it blank and click "Export".
  4. 4, That's it! All is done in your browser 🚀.