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About Audio Recorder

Effortlessly record high-quality audio directly in your browser with Online Audio Recorder, the ultimate online tool for capturing your voice, music, and more. No software installation or downloads required. Audio Recorder is a convenient and simple online tool that can be used right in your browser.

Privacy for Audio Recorder

We guarantee that our online voice recorder application is safe. Everything you record can only be accessed by you, we do not upload any recordings to servers or save them anywhere other than on your device. We declare that your privacy is 100% secure and cannot be violated by any individual or organization.

Free use 100%

Online voice recorder application, helping you record any sound you want to record with just a computer or phone. With just a simple click of recording, you can record without needing to install any other software. You can listen back to the recordings, delete them, or download them to your device's memory.

More information.

  1. Access the link: https://vhdcombo.com/tools/online-audio-recorder
  2. Click the "Start Recording" button.
  3. Grant permission to access the microphone.
  4. The application will immediately record the sounds you desire.
  5. After pressing the "Stop Recording" button, the recordings will be displayed and you can download them, listen back, or delete them.

VHD Combo's "Online Audio Recorder" tool is developed in full compliance with rules on user information security and user privacy according to the constitution and law.
  1. We do not collect and share any user information.
  2. We do not upload, and know the content of users' recording files in any way.
  3. We require users' permission to access and use it for their intended purposes.
  4. All recording files will be completely deleted when you close the website.

  1. 100% free.
  2. No need to install the application.
  3. No need to register or log in.
  4. No phone needed
  5. Absolute security.
  6. Simple and easy to use.
  7. Save memory for your device.
  8. Compatible with many devices and operating systems.
  1. Turning off the recording file browser will automatically delete all..
  2. Works well on the latest browser versions

If you're looking for an easy-to-use and versatile online audio recording tool, then Online Audio Recorder is a great option.
  1. Record your voice: Record your voice for podcasts, voice-overs, or other projects.
  2. Record music: Record your music performances or practice sessions.
  3. Record other sounds: Record lectures, meetings, or other audio events.

  1. No software installation or downloads required: You can use Online Audio Recorder from any device with a web browser.
  2. Easy to use: The interface is simple and easy to use, even for beginners.
  3. High-quality recording: Records in MP3 or WAV format at 44.1 kHz 16-bit stereo.
  4. Multiple recording options: You can choose to record from your microphone, internal audio, or both.
  5. Real-time audio monitoring: You can hear what you're recording before you save it.
  6. Save recordings to your computer storage: You can save your recordings to your computer.