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This Encode to Base64 format or decode from it with various advanced options. Free tools online.

This Base64 decode online tool helps you decode Base64 string to original text.

This file to Base64 online tool helps you encode file to Base64 string to without uploading file.

This Base64 to file online tool helps you decode Base64 string to file and download.

Base64 Decode String is a free online tool that helps you decode Base64 encoded text strings to plain text. This tool is easy to use, secure, and supports many useful features.

How to use:

  1. Enter the Base64 encoded text string in the "Enter string to decode" box.
  2. Click the "Decode" button.
  3. The Base64 Decode text string will be displayed in the "Result" box.


  • Free and easy to use: No software installation required, just access the website and use the tool.
  • Fast and secure: Quickly decodes and secures your data.
  • Automatically copy results: Automatically copies the decoded text string to the clipboard for easy use.


  • Decode transmitted data: Decode data transmitted over the network to access information.
  • View encoded email content: Decode Base64 encoded email content to read information.


Enter the string "RGF5IGxhIGNodW9pIGNhbiBmw7FvIG7DoG8g" in the "Enter string to decode" box. After clicking the "Decode" button, the result displayed in the "Result" box is "This is the string to decode".


  • The decoded Base64 text string may be shorter than the original string.
  • Some special characters may be changed when decoding Base64.

With the "Base64 Decode String" function, you can easily decode Base64 encoded text strings to access data and information.

I hope this information is helpful to you!


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